Pirate Quest Game


Pirate Quest Game


  • Age category: 13 and above  
  • Quest duration: 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Theme of the quest: entertainment, pirate quest/treasure hunt
  • Strategy: logic game, mobility
  • Venue: indoor
  • Number of participants: 1 – 30 pax



Calling all Pirates out there! Ready to embark on a pirate ship quest journey and challenge your gumption? Then let’s go!

Indoor Pirate Quest Game is a ready-made set of colourful pirate themed tasks. Give your friends, family or colleagues an unforgettable adventure! Solving each task will lead the team to the hidden location of the next task page until they solve all of them. The last page is promising a hidden treasure, that has to be prepared by the game host and placed in final location before the game starts.

The Game is designed for indoors venue. If game is intended to be played outside we recommend the game host to go over all variations of the answers and bring appropriate props outside for the venue.

The game host has to choose the most suitable variants of the answers (each task has three different options), print them and hide each task page in accordance with the answer before starting the game.


Task 1: An encoded clue word is a “Toaster”. It means that Task 2 page will be hidden near the toaster. Team runs to the toaster and gets 2nd task to solve. Before game starts the game host must prepare and hide all pages in proper places for players to find.

The complete set for the quest includes 3 PDF files: 

  1. The “Game Pages” file (must be printed in colour) — each task contains three variations of the answers;
  2. The “Game Pages with clues and answers” file (must be printed in colour);
  3. The “Invitation to Pirate Party” file.

About the Set:

“Indoor Pirate Quest Game” includes a set of tasks, each of which is hiding in a certain place. The solution to each task points to the location where the next clue is hidden. Thus, you get a chain of tasks that you need to go through step by step in order to find the hidden treasure.

The game could be played by one team, or it could be divided by up to three teams who will be playing against each other to get to the treasure first (in this case last task should lead to the same hidden place).

The teams playing against each other will have equal chances and their own hidden clue locations. The victory depends on the teamwork, wit and ingenuity of the players. If one team accidentally finds a task page intended for other team they must put it back.

For players 8-12 years old we recommend to have an adult “Capitan” helper, who will guide them when needed or even give a small clue (it is prepared for you). To make it fun and not too easy Capitan will ask each payer to share a part of their booty for each given clue.


The hidden “Booty” treasure at the end is a sack with bags of candies so for each clue given during the game every player will have to surround one candy to the Capitan at the end. This will promote kids to make team decisions, evaluate their gains and losses.

Tasks in the Quest  

1. Task “Find the Differences”. An exciting task, you need to find the differences in two seemingly identical pictures, write the words in empty cells, and according to highlighted cells put the clue word together.

2. Task “Pirate word search”. An entertaining task for concentration and focus. In the word search you need to find and highlight the words associated with pirate and sea adventures. Remaining letters will form a 13 letters clue words.

3. Hint “Pirate Code”. Logical task where players will be working with picture of a compass and decoding a pirate codex, then players have to put clue words together for next task location.

4. Hint “Hidden letters”. An interesting task of finding letters in piles of bones and putting words together to get a clue.

5. Hint “Sea predators”. A task for quick wits, an unusual type of cipher. You need to group alike sea predators to unravel the encrypted phrase.

6. Hint “Restore the drawing”. The original task for attentiveness. To read the hint, you need to restore the sequence of drawings in which the artist drew them. We recommend to give scissors to younger players to cut pictures out.

7. Hint “Pirate’s encrypted message”. Stylishly designed treasure map with pictures. To find out where the hidden treasure is, you need to know the correct spelling of objects on the map and then input correct letter into coded message.

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