Barman’s Secret Office Party Game


Barman’s Secret Office Party Game


  • Age category: 21 and above (please refer to legal drinking age at your country)
  • Quest duration: about 1.5 hours (solving the quest + making alcoholic cocktails)
  • Purpose of the quest: entertainment
  • Venue: indoors and outdoors (cocktail making part requires stemware and barware in addition to cocktail ingredients, water for washing a shaker)
  • Number of participants: one and above. A large number of participants could be divided into smaller groups. The number of participants is not limited. If there are more than 5 participants, we recommend printing several copies with tasks.



Ever wanted to try yourself as a bartender? Here is your chance! This fun quest is created for adult fun activities and includes a complete and detailed scenario for holding a cocktail party with a tabletop game (detailed recipes for signature cocktails are provided). The game is perfect for corporate parties, Friday night after work party, family and friends gatherings, a bachelor/bachelorette party, girls night out, St. Patric’s Day, corporate goal achievement, after-sales meeting party.

The complete set for the quest includes 3 PDF files: 

  1. The “Recipes” file contains 10 pages with cocktails’ recipes and jokes.
  2. The “Cocktail Game” file contains 10 pages with tasks on a cocktail theme without answers. 
  3. The “Cocktail Game with answers” file contains 10 pages with answers. 

These files will need to be printed on a colour printer. All claims made in the game made solely for entertainment purposes. Please encourage your players to drink responsibly and make sure they do not drive after the party.

Required Additional Items:

  • Printed in colour Task pages;
  • Printed in colour Recipe pages;
  • Printed Task Answer pages (for game host to keep)
  • Pencil for filling in the answers
  • A gift — do not forget to prepare some gifts for your winners 😉

Game Format  

1 FORMAT – Game with cocktails

We recommend to select a “Bartender”, the person, who will be reading jokes off cocktail recipe pages and preparing drinks. Players can also take turns to take this role. The bartender does not know answers to the tasks so he/she can play as well.

The quest contains 10 tasks + 1 main fill-in page and 10 cocktail recipes. Before each task, Bartender prepares cocktails according to the recipe, reads joke and then joins players in solving the next Task off the Task page. After drinking 10 cocktails and solving 10 tasks, the participants will decode and fill in words for the “magical spell” on the first page, and say it altogether out loud.

2 FORMAT – Game without cocktails

If you prefer to keep your party alcohol free, you can skip the Cocktail Recipe part altogether or replace alcohol content on Recipe pages with non-alcoholic ingredients. In this case, players can solve all tasks without drinking alcohol, while the game tasks itself will remain unchanged.  However, participants still have to know about alcohol drinks (country of origin, names of cocktails, barware items names, etc.).

Tasks in the quest  

There are 10 tasks in the game, plus one page where players enter the final answers they have collected.

The Game consists of:

  • a detailed list of all the necessary ingredients and items for the game;
  • 10 game tasks;
  • 10 cocktail recipes. These cocktails are made on the basis of tequila and rum, some liqueurs, fruits, citrus, soda drinks and ice.
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