CSR Teambuildings in Malaysia

CSR Teambuildings in Malaysia (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the perfect way to show you really care. Infusing dash of social responsibility and charity into your team building programs can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Besides, CSR team buildings foster positive company culture and teach the team to value the bigger picture.

Run for charity. Plant the tree. Go golfing. Clean the beach or help to save the turtles. The choice is yours and we are happy to customize any of the programs specifically for you:

Why consider CSR Teambuildings?

First things first, don’t think of CSR Teambuilding as an extra cost item. Instead, look at it as a win-win situation: it’s a great way to do something good by contributing to the community and at the same time boost positive PR image for your business. The benefits of CSR far outweigh your initial investments:

1. Sharing is caring

So what does that mean exactly? Whether sharing food with the shelters, or toys with underprivileged children, or your good vibes with others — that is caring. That what makes this world a bit better. Studies have shown that by supporting your team and your community simultaneously, employee engagement and satisfaction increase, including employee productivity, which eventually funnels up to higher revenues.

2. Positive Office Culture

There is nothing more vital than feeling exciting and happy stepping into the office every morning. Companies like Google or Facebook have proven that the benefits of creating a company culture outweigh the costs. By caring for employee wellbeing and applying humanity to the workforce, your business will excel. Infusing a charity or volunteering into your team buildings programs is one great way to foster a positive company culture.

3. Attracting Generation Y employees

Fun fact: despite given by press reputation of sensitive and selfish generation, Gen Y employees still remain the most desirable candidates. And these young people are more interested in joining the companies who ‘care’, who offer CSR opportunities and follow #beking policy. So in case you’re interested in attracting these young passionate heads, consider adding volunteering and CSR into the philosophy of your corporate culture.

4. PR image

Last but not least — your company image and profile. Demonstrating that your business is ready to give back to the community is a great way to build brand relations and reputation. By organising CSR teambuilding programs you create a better perception of your business and increase social media coverage of your activities. So just concentrate on contributing to the community, and let everything else fall into place. It’s indeed one of the more rewarding ways to grow your business.

Want to try something else?
Our Indoor Teambuildings in Malaysia
Corporate team building activities in Malaysia are the best choice for corporate team building during a rainy day or the day when the weather is too hot. Moreover, indoor activities provide a pleasure of playing in the closed environment. Additionally, it can help you to unite your team and to unleash your creativity! With indoor activities you can be sure that you will get the corporate teambuildings in Malaysia at the highest level.
Our Outdoor Teambuildings in Malaysia
Our team building activities in Malaysia are individually customized to the specific needs of your business. Your custom outdoor teambuilding experience will be determined by the nature of your business, the roles of your employees, the size of your organization and any other details you can provide to us. Our goal is to improve that dynamic through a variety of interactive training outdoor activities and games.
Pro Tips for a successful Team building in Singapore or Malaysia

We create both ready-to-offer and tailor-made team buildings in Singapore and Malaysia. Our first aim is to understand your team needs and to design custom solutions which are in alignment with your corporate culture, your team profile, and, what is equally important, your event budget. Here are 5 key tips to help you make your next team building a successful one:

1. Plan your teambuilding early
2. Schedule the event during working hours, not weekends
3. Enhance and encourage collaboration, not competition
4. Make it accessible for everyone while selecting teambuilding activities
5. Reach out to the team and gather feedback

How we can help you today
Our teambuilding programs in Singapore will unite employees, establish friendly ties, and help them become a highly-efficient professional team. Let us help you organize your perfect teambuilding in Singapore. Follow the steps below and leave the rest to us.

Fill the form in our event builder below and let us know your needs and expectations.


Our manager will contact you within 24 hours and understand your event needs completely.


We come up with more ideas and issue a quotation and proposed itinerary for your program.


We will manage your event to an absolute success while staying focused on the result all the way until your event is over.

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