Let’s go Hawaii!


Let’s go Hawaii!

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  • Age category: 16 and above 
  • Quest duration: up to 60 minutes
  • Purpose of the quest: entertainment.   
  • Number of participants: one and above. In fact, the number of participants is not limited. It all depends on the number of the guests. 
    • Single Play – a quest for the entertainment of one participant. 
    • Group Play – a group of players collectively solve all tasks. The number of people is not limited. If there are more than 5 participants, we recommend printing several copies of the assignments. 
    • Team Competition – Players can complete the quest by splitting into several teams. The first option for a team quest is a timed quest. The organizer distributes cards to the teams equally, which need to be solved within a timeframe. All teams have a common deadline (for example, 25 minutes) to complete. The team that completes the most tasks wins. The second option for the team quest is the fastest full completion, the team that solves all the tasks first wins. 



This year we can’t really travel too far, so how about we go to Hawaii for a while? This quest is created for a variety of fun leisure activities. Perfect for a get-together with friends, family and co-workers, as well as entertainment for a Hawaiian-themed party.  There are 10 tasks in the quest, which are connected by a common plot and logic.  The quest is written as an adventure journey to Hawaii, which consists of an introduction, a secret message and the tasks themselves – 12 cards in total. The quest participants will get acquainted with the history, traditions, and culture of Hawaii in a playful way.

The complete set for the quest includes 3 PDF files: 

  1. The “Instruction” file contains a list of necessary actions and tips for preparing and guiding the quest game. 
  2. The “Quest” file contains 10 cards with tasks without answers. 
  3. The “Quest with answers” file contains 10 cards with answers. 
  4. Picture of the volcano to print as a clue for prize/gift location.

Required Additional Items:

  • Printed Work Cards (1 per group) 
  • Pencil for filling in the answers 
  • A volcano – it could be a printed image of a volcano, or centrepiece installation – as long as it looks like a volcano. A host will hide a note with a gift location under or inside of a volcano or write on the back of the volcano picture. 
  • A gift — do not forget to prepare some gifts for your winners 😉

Cache Locations:

Since the quest is a board game, all secrets and clues are located within quest itself. You can solve the quest stationed in one location, without going anywhere to search for hidden clues. Everything you need is on the quest pages. The final step will lead to a  prize location. It must be prepared by the game host and hidden before gave starts. If it is a  group activity, make sure the gift is sharable.  

The plot of the quest  

You are the lucky tourists who came to Hawaii, the island of Maui, to enjoy the beautiful nature,  wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean, the warm sun, and unforgettable hospitality of Hawaiian people.  Walking along the beach on the first day of your vacation, observing the incredibly beautiful landscapes and enjoying the sun, you catch a glance of something sparkling in the golden sand. When you get closer, you are surprised to find a glass bottle with something inside. The bottle was tightly sealed, and inside are neatly rolled sheets of paper.  Delighted with your find, you hurry to your hotel to ask the staff for a corkscrew. You opened the bottle and take out a roll of slightly faded paper. The bottle contains a letter from the leaders of the 8 Hawaiian Islands, dated July 3, 1990.

Tasks in the quest  

Start: Message from Eight Chiefs. This is the main assignment for the quest. Completion of this first assignment means the secret message is decoded and the quest is over. Participants will have to unravel the message of the Eight leaders of the Hawaiian Islands by solving all 9 quest tasks and collecting all the symbols (the meaning of the letters). It will be possible to decode the message only by completing all the tasks. 
  • Task 1: Kingdom of Hawaii. A colourful coded task in which players have to determine their answers using their logic, knowledge of geography and paying close attention to the clues. 
  • Task 2: Hawaiian items. An interesting puzzle in which players will have to determine the names of the Hawaiian objects (ukulele, ipu, hula, etc.), select the appropriate image of that object and decode a word below. 
  • Task 3: Talking Totems. Hawaii totems will help the players in this exciting task. Players must choose from several totems which ones belong to Hawaii and decode a word below. 
  • Task 4: Talismans. Payers have to perform a logical task linking several talisman images to their meaning and find corresponding letters in the table. 
  • Task 5: Hawaiian language. Probably the most difficult task. A philological task in which players can familiarize themselves with the Hawaiian text translated into English. It wouldnt hurt to rely on your intuition in this task. 
  • Task 6: Hawaii Mint. A tricky task in which you will see 9 coins arranged in a triangle. Players have to move 3 coins counterclockwise to have tingle pointing up. The successful task will reveal the coded word.  
  • Task 7: Hawaiian Trade. A fun equation game with Hawaiian agricultural products. The answer will be figured out after the picture equation is solved. 
  • Task 8: Hula. A task with a musical orientation. The participants should figure out the missing names of the notes and fill up the letters. The notes are presented in the assignment. (It should be in music theory C-D-E-F-G-A-B ). Fun fact: this is the beginning of the song written my  person mentioned in Task #9 
  • Task 9: The Key to Hawaii. This is a logic task as well. Players need to use all of the decoded letters (symbols) that were collected at the time of solving the previous 8 tasks + use their logic to fill up missing letters and link them to the coded image. Having entered all the symbols into the cells, the participants will receive additional letters to decode the main message. 

Theme of the party, attire  

The quest organizer can add a Hawaiian attire for the participants and incentive thematic gifts. Since the quest is all about Hawaii, you can make lei (Hawaiian flower garland), use pineapples, bananas, coconuts, serve fruity drinks associated with Hawaii, decorate the surrounding area with palm leaves, add relaxing luau music, create a tiki bar to hold a mini  Hawaiian-style party. USEFUL ADVICE! For a more realistic quest, we advise you to pick up a glass bottle. Print out all the cards with the tasks, roll and tie them with thread, put in a bottle and close with a  cork. 
  • If you are hosting a Hawaiian party on the beach, you can put a bottle next to the party table for your guests to find. 
  • If you decide to go through the quest indoors, you may attract your guests by making a centrepiece on the table with the bottle. Such as a basin full of water or sand with a bottle sticking out. It will catch the attention and guests will ask: What is this cool installation?” in response, you can answer – “This is a treasure that you have to find!” 

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