On Set Role-Play Quest


On Set Role-Play Quest


    • Age category: 16 and above
    • Quest duration: 45 to 70 minutes
    • Purpose of the quest: entertainment.
    • Number of participants: 5 to 15 pax.


    This scenario belongs to the category of “quests-for-an-hour”, it will take from 45 to 70 minutes. Unlike classic scenarios, participants do not need to create an image of their character in advance, which means al you need to do is to print out the materials, do a short preparation (about 40 minutes) and start playing.

    The Quest “On Set” consists of two parts:
    Part 1: Role-playing game. Participants will receive booklets and, having got used to the roles of their characters, will play a party on the occasion of the end of the filming of the film.
    Part 2: Search quest. In 1 minute, players will search the venue to find clues and hints about the killer. Based on the obtained clues and what they learned in the first part, the participants will point to the culprit of the crime.
    If you want, you can safely exclude the search part, leaving only the role-playing quest. In this case, the game will look like a complicated version of the “Mafia”.

    The complete set for the quest includes 4 PDF files: 

    1. The “Instruction” file contains a list of necessary actions and tips for preparing and guiding the quest game.
    2. The “Booklets” file contains 15 different roles’ brochures guiding each player with the description
    3. The “Hints” file contains 18 cards with the hints.
    4. The “Badges” files contains 15 cards with the roles.


    The plot of the quest  

    STEP 1. Carefully read the Instructions and print out all the materials of the quest. Attention: in this quest, the Host knows the killer! If you want to be a regular participant do not read further and pass all the materials to the one who will be the Host.
    STEP 2. Decide on the number of guests. The presence of the first five characters (Main Actor, Main Actress, Supporting Actress, Screenwriter, Cameraman) is mandatory. If your game has more participants, you can choose any characters you like from the Booklets file.
    STEP 3. Cut and arrange the Badges and Character Booklets (files No2 and No3). STEP 4. Decide whether you will assign roles to guests or draw lots. For the first option, you can prepare and spread out a Badge and a Character Booklet for each participant in advance, for the second — you can use Badges for drawing lots. In the next paragraph, you will find recommendations for the distribution of characters.
    STEP 5: The Hints file contains facts about the identity of the killer. We recommend printing 2-3 copies to confuse the participants. The cut hints must be hidden in advance throughout the room/apartment/venue where the game will take place. Try to choose the places where the guests will not accidentally find the clues ahead of time.

    We also recommend hiding copies of the tips nearby (for example, one copy of the hint “The killer doesn’t have a cat” under a chair, and two other copies under a table).
    STEP 6: Print out or copy by hand the text of the Suicide note (last paragraph this Instruction).

    STEP 7: In this quest, you, as the Host, play the role of the Director. In the middle of the evening, your character will be poisoned. To act out the murder scene naturally, you need to offer each guest a different drink at the beginning of the evening (it is important that there is regular water among the drinks).

    STEP 8: Print out the Course of Game and Introduction (pages 3-4 of the Instruction) and start playing!


    • Female: Main Actress, Supporting Actress, Make-up Artist, Author of the Soundtrack.
    • Male: Main Actor, Supporting Actor, Producer, Main Stuntman.
    • Doesn’t matter: Scriptwriter, Cameraman, Costume Designer, Special Effects Supervisor, Sound Director, Movie Fan, Agent of the Main Actor.


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