Trivia Adventure Remote Online Game

We take the well-known format of a generic trivia night and flip it on its head for maximum online fun!

Whether one has the brain capacity of Homer Simpson or Albert Einstein our Adventure Trivia is an exciting collection of questions, games and tasks where all participants get their chance to shine.

Our Online Trivia Adventure is designed to take all the bits you love about pub trivia and combine them with interactive challenges, brain teasers, tongue twisters, sound rounds, and creative tasks to turn it into an epic couple of hours of entertainment hosted by professional actors. Using Zoom and your smartphone, players answer interactive questions and get score updates in real-time!

Our question rounds have been specifically designed to test your team’s ability to think outside the box. We include trivia questions from categories such as sport, popular culture, geography, and general knowledge that will challenge even the most brainy of the group! Picture and sound rounds mixed with riddles and brain teasers assure that a team won’t be able to rely on just one trivia guru in the group. Every participant will get a chance to submit their own answers, ensuring maximum engagement and fun for everyone. Each team’s overall score will be an aggregate of all their players, so you’re only as strong as your weakest link! Teams will periodically head into breakout rooms to be able to chat in private to discuss answers and work together, while also allowing some valuable interaction and time to focus as a team.

This game is perfect if you’re looking for:

  • Awesome online fun & entertainment
  • Logical thinking
  • Delegation
  • Team Work
  • Creativity

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