5 Online Team Building Games to keep your QuaranTeam engaged

5 Online Team Building Games to keep your QuaranTeam engaged

Team building game gives your team a great sense of togetherness which is so much needed during this time. Not mentioning that productivity is much higher in the companies where the teams stay connected and engaged despite remote working and social distancing. 

Here at MICEMakers.com we understand how vital it is to maintain high spirits and motivating vibes now, especially right now. And that’s exactly where online team building comes into play. Remote yoga sessions, remote workouts or remote parties — anything is an option! We’ve prepared top 5 free team building games which you can easily arrange on your own from the comfort of your home. 

Meanwhile, we’re happy to organize your next fully facilitated online team building with professional hosts and actors. 


Never dying classic which dates back to the XVIIIth century! Charades is a well-known game and at the same time a great ice-breaker. The game which gets literally everyone involved and engaged. 

How to play? Once everyone is on Zoom or Google Meet call, break off into two even groups. Team A nominates one of its players to act out while Team B chooses a movie title and informs the player from Team A in a private message. 

Now it’s time to set the timer and the game starts! The nominated player has to act out the movie title with the help of facial expressions and actions and without using a single word. If guessed correctly before the time is up, team A gets a point, if not — point goes to team B. Now time to switch! 

Tip: You can use Charades Generator if you have difficulties choosing the movie


Okay, it’s time to use your imagination and creativity with the help of… right, emoji!

How to play? Using less than five emojis, start creating a story in your group chat or chat section of a video call. Then, one by one, your colleagues will add to that story using five more. You can keep going until every teammate has had a turn, or until you run out of ideas.

To get the ball rolling, here’s our story starter: ? ? ⚡️?? … what happens next to the office with no power during the full moon storm?


If we’re being honest, this is an online team building game with hidden intentions. #Confessiontime: when was the last time you went on a deep dive of your company’s website? Exactly! Now this is a good way to challenge your colleagues and get to know the website too.

How to play? Break off into teams first (or do it solo — up to you!) Choose tabs, pages or sections from the company’s website and come up with the trickiest group scavenger hunt, e.g.: ‘Find the latest testimonial from X company’ or ‘Find the latest product from Y department launched last month’. 


Not really that Zoom you’re thinking about right now. Zoom is a game used by us during various team building events. This game is a great way for small teams to boost communication skills while solving complex tasks together.

How to play? The game is based on the wordless same name book by Hungarian artist Istvan Banyai. Illustrations are sent to the players separately. The main task is to combine the story together, not showing the pictures to each other, but only telling what is displayed on them. As a result, participants create a beautiful vivid story using logic and imagination. 


Our top favourite online team building game! The best thing is that you don’t even need an online platform for that and can play either from your phone Telegram messenger or desktop one. 

Popular all over the world, “Mafia” or “Werewolf” is an exciting team game that develops interaction and cooperation. It’s a perfect way to release stress and distract from everyday work. Mafia is also a great place to welcome newcomers to the company.

How to play? Add the bot to your corporate group chat in Telegram by clicking the link. Otherwise, you can add it just like you would add a friend by their usernames (click Add Member and then type @werewolfbot into the search box).

After adding the bot, you will be given a choice of registration time from 1 to 5 minutes. The maximum number of participants is 22, and the minimum is 4. As soon as everyone completes registration, the bot that acts as a moderator will automatically select the roles for everyone (Werewolf, Detective, Villager and others), and announce their quantity in the game.

Like in the classic Mafia, when night falls — the villagers fall asleep, the werewolf chooses who to kill. ‘In the morning’ the team traditionally discusses who is who, and results are automatically displayed in the chat. The game will continue until the werewolf is revealed or until the number of ‘evil’ characters will exceed or be equal to the number of ‘good’ ones. 

Now it’s time to find out who the werewolf is before you get killed.

Most importantly, while following the goals to detect the leaders or boost the employees’ skills, remember to have fun with your colleagues and enjoy time together working from home. 
We at MICEMakers.com are ready to help you to go further and offer a variety of ideas on how to maximize your team engagement with our fully hosted, fun and memorable online team building games and offline team building activities

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