13 Steps to build a Dream Team

13 Steps to build a Dream Team

Building a dream team is crucial in any team management process. The success of your business substantially depends on the people you choose, recruit, and how you manage the team.
Being just a professional is not enough nowadays, especially if we talk about startup projects which need increased workloads, urgent deadlines, and a huge amount of work. Here you need full dedication, maximum effort, and a desire to work. Such people need not only to be found but also to be retained.

Here are 13 steps to help you build your dream team.

01. Have a clear common goal set

The team is bonded together by a common goal which should be settled as clear as possible. To do that, it is necessary to create and maintain a unified information space, due to it is important for the team to understand what the goal is, how to reach it and what challenges can be on the way.

02. Blend the team players of different characters

A dream team should be versatile in terms of skills, viewpoints, perspectives and even experience. It should consist of the various personalities: some like to do a bit of everything, others prefer to dive into one concrete task deeply and focus on one thing at a time. Some generate and create ideas, while others bring them to life and make that a reality. The more diversified your team is, the more talents you can discover.

03. Encourage learning

You are the first person in the row to stay tuned and updated on all changes and trends going on. Make sure you are always taking time on learning new things and teaching new things. Our corporate customized training programs can help to empower the team and its leaders to breakthrough and achieve their potential.

04. Organize regular team building activities

Don’t let the team get bored. Host a Friday office afternoon party game, do an Italian master class during one of the corporate team buildings or add a dash of corporate social responsibility into your team building program which will boost its value exponentially. During those CSR programs, the team can help underprivileged kids or contribute towards efforts to protect wild turtle populations. Isn’t it awesome to combine having fun with doing this world a little bit better?

05. Invite everyone to contribute

Each person in the team should feel involved in the business process. This is directly facilitated by you, by HR and other team members. Engaged employees who contribute and realise that their opinion matters, work harder and better, show initiative and have high productivity.

06. Avoid micromanagement

A true leader will let his team do their job without hovering over. If you made the right hiring decision, you have to trust your dream team members to shine and perform. Micromanagement never was of help to any side of the team, and if you can’t trust people to do their job, there is a high chance you made the wrong choice while hiring.

07. Create and implement workplace rituals

Corporate culture is extremely important if we talk about a dream team. Any rituals can be implemented here, from ringing a bell when someone accomplishes some significant project, to monthly team workshops on learning something new together in a fun atmosphere. Anyway, why not ask the team themselves to come up with the ideas of those rituals? Like we said earlier, keep everyone involved in the process.

08. Hire the right team players

Hiring a wrong person may cost you a bomb. That’s why the art of interviewing is extremely important here. Instead of hiring a few “average” employees, it’s better to hire one professional. Despite the higher cost for you now, this approach will certainly pay you off twofold in the future.

09. Promote an active lifestyle and physical activities

Pros of having a fit and healthy team are obvious, starting from a minimum of sick leaves to higher performance and motivation at work. Question is how you’re going to promote it: encouraging coworkers to get outside for lunch, or installing onsite gym or probably including their gym membership as a bonus added to the salary? The choice is yours. But the truth of the matter is, keeping your body fit and rejuvenated will keep you working smart for a long time down the road.

10. Seek for the achievers and encourage them

Professional skills aside, you need to seek for a specific quality in your potential employees — the ability to achieve the goals. Find out what achievements a person has, and we’re talking not just about the professional goals. It might even be a juggling tournament, but if he has made an outstanding success at it, it’s worth something. After all, you need a person to not just sit out their workplace, but invest in its success, right?

11. Lead by example

Your leadership and habits reflect on your team. You tend to be setting a tone and values for your team, so make you sure you never dip below the bar you set. Share your daily routines, stay involved and always remember to be a leader worth following.

12. Be flexible

We mentioned earlier the pros of a blended team with various personalities. That also means you need to be flexible in how you lead each individual as there is no same personality in your team. Some will require a little more handholding than others while some will excel when they are given more independence.

13. Reward and thank

You can say it’s not groundbreaking management tip but slow down for a moment and think how often you actually thank employees or the people you work with? The acknowledgement of a job done well coming from the management means way more to an employee than you think. Always do remember to give praise and credit when credit is due.

With properly built team management and HR processes, people will want to not just do the job, but, what’s vital, invest in the development of the company through their own professional and personal growth, and this is the key to success for employees, management, and the business overall.

With that being said, to create a Dream Team, learn to become a Dream Leader. Let each player in the team feel that you are working for more than just money. Genuinely care about your people, be there for them and constantly encourage and enhance the corporate spirit. Meanwhile, feel free to discover more memorable corporate team building ideas from indoor to outdoor activities, and do not forget to follow our regular blog unveiling best practices for your daily business.

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